What’s the Best Remote Control Car?

If you are in the market for finding the best RC Car to buy, then you have landed on the right page. The question now is, which one should you choose?

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Whether you are looking for remote control cars for kids (the next birthday or Christmas present perhaps?) or simply a new edition to your RCC arsenal, here at Remote Control Cars Guide, you will find an array of reviews and detailed guides of the best remote control cars on the market today.

 Where to Start?

If it’s your first time on our website, and are either a new enthusiast to this hobby or perhaps a lost parent in search for more information on the different types of RC Cars, then scroll down below. There you will also find a summary of some of the most well known and trusted brands.

Alternatively, feel free to read one of our RC Car Reviews in order to find out more on a specific model. Below you will also find our interactive chart of Remote Control Cars which should also help guide you into the right direction based on your specific preferences (COMING SOON)

 Types Of RC Cars

There are basically 6 types of vehicles you can choose from:

1. Street cars.

Traxxas 4-Tec 3.3 4807 Nitro RC Car

Much like their real-world counterparts, these vehicles are best for flat paved surfaces like your regular streets. Other types won’t match them for speed on streets. But if you like to use RC vehicles for off-road fun, these aren’t for you.


2. Drift cars.

Super Fast Drift King RC Sports Car

You’ve seen cars “drifting”, right? These are the RC equivalent, as they are pretty much just street cars except the tires are slick to make drifting easier.This is much more exciting as you can slide around the turns, but learning to drift can be a challenge.


3. Buggies.

Traxxas RTR 1-10 Bandit Extreme Sports with Water Proof XL-5 RTR and 7 Cell Battery with ChargerIf you are not sure whether you prefer on-road or off-road tracks, or if you like them both, then this is the one for you. It combines both on- and off-road features. They can still be very fast on flat surfaces, but there may be problems for uneven offroad track due to the low wheelbase.


4. Crawlers.

Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme Remote Controlled Vehicle,

Crawlers are designed specifically for steep off-road terrain. Similar to a Truggy but have better suspension and lower gear ratios. They also have a lower top speed than cars and buggies.



5. Truggies.

Redcat Racing SumoRC Electric Truggy, Orange-Black, 1-24 ScaleLike buggies, these are for both street and offroad racing, but while buggies are more for the street, the truggies are more for offroad. A truggy is generally a buggy but outfitted with monster truck tires.


6. Trucks.

Traxxas The Stampede XL-5 TruckThese are the monster trucks—Optimus Prime in the miniature flesh. They may not run all that fast on the street and high speed turns can flip them over, but put them offroad and you got yourself a winner. Racing on grass or in the woods can be no problem at all.


Anatomy of an RC Car

Anatomy of RC Car

Fuel-powered RCs

The most popular nitro engine is the 2-stroke, which is what you see in motocross motorcycles. There’s no separate oil reservoir, so the oil is included in the fuel mixture. The 2-stroke can be very fast and the maintenance for some people is
reasonable enough.

You’ll need a starter for this engine. Some engines have a pull start like those found in some lawnmowers. Others are non-pull, and they start the engine with a start box.

You may also want to consider a 4-stroke engine. This has an oil reservoir, so lubrication doesn’t depend on the gas and oil mixture. With its advanced mechanisms it can be more powerful, but it also means they require fussier attention and maintenance.

Batteries for Electric Remote Control Cars

A typical 1800mah battery will generally last for 9 to 17 minutes. This depends on how you drive and whether you have a brushed or brushless motor. With a 5000mah battery plus a brushless motor, you can last up to 50 minutes in one go,
although of course this also depends on how you drive.

RC Car Brands to Consider

There are numerous brands to choose from, but to help speed the process here are your main options.

Hot Wheels. This is the Grand Old Man among RC car brands, as it has been churning out more than 4 billion cars for almost 40 years now. That’s more cars made than the cars made by the Big Three in Detroit. Some of the older ones are now collector’s items. Cars like the Hot Wheels Camaro epitomize the brand’s preference for muscle machismo and California cool.

Traxxas. Models like Traxxas Slash, Traxxas Stampede, and Traxxas Rustler are great examples of why Traxxas cars are a bit more expensive. They’re very fast, and very durable as well.

Tamiya. This is another classic brand with more than three decades of history. The lowest prices start at $200 but this is lower than other models because the classic design may now be considered a bit low-tech. Still, these are very durable.

HPI. These are often as expensive as Traxxas models. While they are also very durable, most enthusiasts consider its quality not quite up to the standard of Traxxas.

Exceed. These are the most affordable, but they sure break down much more frequently.