E-Revo Brushless Review

Traxxas E-Revo Brushless 4WD Electric Racing Monster Truck

With the right kind of RC model, off road fans can enjoy an entertaining and adventurous time with their friends and family. There are different models available in the market with a good example being the E Revo Brushless. Other than its quality, one of the most attractive features of this model is its massive power.

The Revo brushless is a product manufactured by Traxxas. Here at Remote Control Cars Guide, we have trialed and reviewed many models from the Traxxas range. As a company, it has largely concentrated on building the E Revo with maximum brushless power. It has undergone the tough test to show its level of durability. This is something that most off road fans are looking to get. As you look through the features of this particular model as seen below, it is clear to see that it has a high performance capability.

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Features of the E-Revo Brushless


– It requires 2 Traxxas 7-cell.

– These batteries should be 3000mAh with NiMH and a high current connector.


– Consists of a Traxxas wireless link module which helps to connect to the Traxxas link through a wireless connector.

– This in turn creates a direct Bluetooth connectivity to the available in-built HD graphical interface.

– The interface consists of various features such as the customizable dashboard, servo reversing and steering Expo to mention just but a few.

– It has a five channel receiver with three elementary ports.


– Is 0.08 inches (2mm) and is made out of nylon composite.

– It consists of scalable and integrated double battery compartments which can hold about 6s packs.

– It also includes cooling vents as well as battery doors which are quick release. This makes them highly functional.

Electronic speed controller.

– It is built into the receiver and acts as an electronic circuit whose main function is to differentiate the direction and speed on the electric motor, in some cases it acts as its dynamic brakes.

– ESCs are mainly used on radio controlled toy models that are powered electronically.

– The most common models to have these features are the ones that consist of a brushless motor which basically offer an electronic 3 phase low power voltage source which acts as the energy source.


– Trim and well painted tough exterior body which makes it highly durable.

– The rear wing is also adjustable and helps to prevent harsh air movement going across the body of a moving RC model and provide magnificent back wheel traction.


Specs of the E Revo Brushless Monster Truck

1. Vehicle:

– It features a length of 22.9 inches (582mm).

– A height of 8.3 inches (210mm).

– A wheelbase measuring 14 inches (358mm).

– Width of 16.5 inches (419mm).

– The weight without the batteries is 9.5lbs (4330g).

– It has a top speed of 65 mph.

2. Body:

– Its full length is 19.8 inches (504mm).

– Width of 7.1 inches (181 mm) at its widest section.

– Its height measures 4.8 inches (121 mm).

Comparison with other RCC models

When looking at two different RC models such as the E Revo and the Maistro rock crawler, you will note a few differences. It is from these differences that one can fully gauge the capability of each model. This will help you make the most suitable selection when making a purchase depending on your likes and expectations.

To begin with, the Revo brushless consists of an adjustable rear wing which controls the movement of the air across the body for a better back wheel traction. This is not present on the Maistro rock crawler.

Another difference between these two models includes the fact that Maistro rock crawler features a triple channel transmitter allowing up to 3 people to play simultaneously while the Revo brushless has a 5 channel transmitter and can therefore play up to 5 people.

Generally speaking the Revo Brushless is a much more sophisticated remote control vehicle. And the price difference is clarifies this.

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– Has a beautiful design and quite easy to operate.

– Quite tough and therefore highly durable.

– Excellent acceleration with an anti-lock included in the braking system present within the electronic speed controller. This helps you slow down easily around corners.


– When compared to other models with similar speed capabilities, it is rather costly.

– Consumes a lot of power.


Our Verdict

This is a great RC truck. The E-Revo brushless which features an electronic speed controller, well-trimmed and tough exterior and with a chassis made out of nylon composite to mention just but a few will definitely get any RC enthusiast buzzing with excitement.

It certainly packs a punch however it’s biggest downfall is certainly its price tag as it is not cheap. But for the purists, we feel comfortable recommending this model.

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User Rating
User rating

+ Excellent Acceleration.
+ Easy to operate.
+ Highly Durable


- Quite Expensive.
- Consumes a lot of Power.