HPI Baja Review

HPI Racing 2.4Ghz RTR Baja

The Hpi Baja is an off road buggy which is gas powered. It operates with a 2.4 GHz radio system. It received an all new Matte finish during 2013 to give it a more distinctive look.

The Hpi RTR Baja is a product of Hobby Products International which specializes in manufacturing top end hobby products. And this is truly at the very top of the RCC market. An incredible piece of machinery that will get RCC enthusiasts jumping up and down to have a go with this bad boy!

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Key Features of the Hpi Baja

Revised 23 cc Engine

Hpi Baja has an engine that is fully revised for optimal performance. The engine contains of an updated cylinder which provides 10% extra power, making the buggy accelerate and move very fast.

2.4 GHz Radio System

Hpi Baja is now using a 2 channel 2.4Ghz DSSS version which is high performing and contains a fully waterproof throttle and steering system. This radio system is also fail safe which ensures that your Hpi Baja does not lose signal, hence avoids any cases of flying out of control.

High Flow Muffler

Hpi Baja now has a new, larger and a higher capacity muffler designed to give you more horsepower than ever before.

VVC/HD Shock Absorbers

The advanced shock absorbers ensure that you’re off road buggy is safe from crashes; they have an extremely adjustable design to ensure that it is protected even during trackside tuning.

8000 RPM Clutch

The high performance 8000 RPM Clutch was formerly an option part, but after realizing its usefulness it was made an integral part of the Hpi Baja.

Long Wheelbase

Hpi Baja is equipped with a long wheelbase that is ideal for large trucks. This increases the stability of the car.

High Capacity Fuel Tank

The tank is 700 cc that uses pre-mixed fuel. The engine is two-stroke and uses petrol as its fuel.


Hpi Baja uses 6 AA batteries for transmission, and a 6.0V receiver pack of 3000mAh.


SPECS of Hpi Baja RTR

Product Dimensions

Hpi Baja has a length of 817mm, a width 0f 460mm at the front and 480mm at the rear and 508mm in height. The wheelbase is 570mm long.

Product Weight

This remote controlled car has a total weight of 35.2 pounds which is equivalent to 9.6 kilograms. It is pretty heavy as compared to other toy cars of its size and class.

Top Speed

Hpi Baja can move with speeds of above 35mph which includes a handy built in failsafe to prevent it from running out of control.


Comparison With Traxxas Bandit

When compared to the Traxxas bandit, the Baja is certainly much heavier. It weighs a total of 35.2 pounds while Traxxas bandit weighs only 6.8 pounds. This wide difference in weight is brought about by the difference in size and the type of materials used to manufacture them.

The difference in weight and size also contributes to the difference in speed. While Hpi Baja can comfortably rock speeds of 35mph, Traxxas bandit can move at speeds of up-to 70mph.

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Extremely Durable – Talk of durability and this Baja is unmatched. It has strong shock absorbers that protect its systems from damage. Additionally, it has a failsafe feature that prevents from running out of control and hitting obstacles.

Aerodynamically Swift – The Hpi Baja has a streamlined body that minimizes air resistance. This gives it a better and swift movement which by all standards is considered swift for its body mass.

Strong Radio – The 2.4GHz radio system has a strong signal that widens the control scope.

All- Terrain Tires – The Baja RTR is designed as an off road buggy, it is therefore fitted with bead lock tires that are tough and well suited for off road terrains.

High Torque – The new revised engine produces a lot of power that results to high torque. This gives Hpi Baja the power to move as fast as possible.

Highly Stable – Hpi Baja is one of the most stable remote controlled cars we have around. The stability is brought about by the long wheelbase, efficient design and the aerodynamic shape.



Not for Speedsters – If you are a high speed racing guy, then this is not your car. This is because its top speeds range about 35mph which is not good enough for competitive racing.

Extremely Expensive – One of if not the most expensive remote control car on the market today.

Our Verdict

The Hpi Baja gives you better acceleration, more speed and has an improved handling capability. The Hpi Baja is simply amazing and words cannot describe it well enough, but the price tag certainly will. The features list is sublime and if you are an RCC enthusiast and the price doesn’t scare you then this buggy is unbeatable.

Admittedly we haven’t received much feedback, and that could be because not enough have used it, however we found it to be an unbelievable machine.

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User Rating
User rating

+ Extremely Durable.
+ High Stability.
+ High Torque.
+ Very Strong Radio Signal.
+ Aerodinamically Swift


- Very Expensive.
- Not as Quick as Other Model RCC's