HPI Savage XL Review

HPI Racing Savage XL K5.9 Nitro RTRThe HPI Racing Savage XL K5.9 Nitro RTR, or simply the HPI Savage, is one big monster truck that features a powerful 3.75 horsepower engine. Measuring 23 inches long and 17 inches wide, the truck has extra large chassis and wheels to complement its colossal engine.

This 1/8th scale monster truck is built to take on tumbles on the toughest terrain. It also comes with a handheld engine starter, transmitter and rechargeable receiver pack. And it is 99 percent complete when packaged, meaning all you need is to add fuel to it, put batteries into the transmitter and it’s ready to go.

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Features of the HPI Savage XL

*. 36 cubic inch Nitro Star K5.9 engine with a Roto Start system featuring a long shaft and integrated circuit breaker. The engine has an aluminum case and piston and cylinder covered with brass chrome. It has a three needle carburetor with 9.5mm inlet that takes as much fuel as needed. Its composite body lessens the probability of heat build-up.

* Four wheel shaft drive remote control monster truck

* 2.4GHz radio control system. There is no need to worry about frequency interference as the radio control system has Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum. This means no need for frequency crystals, resulting to reliable communication with your monster truck. The radio control system also handles steering, throttle and brake duties.

* 3-shoe aluminum clutch that can resist wear and tear, making it last for a long time.

* 160cc fuel tank for car blend glow fuel with at least 16 % Nitro methane content


* Length of 23 inches

* Height of 10.4 inches

* Width of 17.5 inches

* 170 mm Terra tires

* With three speed transmission

* With extra long alloy chassis

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– The HPI Savage is ready for action once you take it out of the box. Just add fuel to the truck, put batteries to the transmitter and it will be ready to go. Starting the engine is quick and easy with the Roto Start 2 system which is located at the rear of the engine. There is a handheld starting unit which you can use and spares you of the inconvenience of manually starting the engine.

-This monster truck is built to take tumbles even on the toughest terrain. It all starts with its .36 cubic inch Nitro Star K5.9 engine that gives lots of torque needed in turning the huge tires of the truck. It also delivers a lot of power for the truck to go through obstacles and different rough road conditions.

– Aside from the engine benefiting from the Roto Start 2 system, it is likewise equipped with a heavy duty clutchbell, a 3-shoe aluminum clutch and a heatsink head that prevents overheating.

– Then the Savage XL has extra-large tires measuring 170mm or almost 7 inches across. These tires have robust spike patterns that enable the truck to run around grass field and lose dirt. And there are chevron centre patterns in the tires for directional stability especially on harder surfaces as well as tall sidewalls for extra shock absorption.

– Transfer of power from the engine to the tires is guaranteed with the 3-shoe alloy clutch of the truck. Being made of aluminum, the clutch shoes resist wear and tear since these are not affected by the heat produced by the engine.

– The engine is also protected by a dual-stage filter that keeps dirt and dust from entering it. The filter is placed on a rubber tube in a 90-degree angle, ensuring that it would remain secured even if the truck gets bumped and dropped countless times.

– All that power from the engine would be put to waste if the truck has a substandard and short chassis. Fortunately that is not the case as the maker made the chassis out of 3mm thick aircraft aluminum. Specifically the aluminum is of the 6061 series variety and is noted for being light and strong.

– In case you are hesitant to disassemble and reassemble the truck for servicing and maintenance, you can always refer to the instructional manual included in the package. The manual also comes with full scale drawings and list of handy parts to guide you.

– You’ll also get everything you need to take this truck to the local bashing arena right from the get go. Included in the package are the handheld engine starting unit, fuel bottle, glow plug ignition for the engine, and AA batteries for the transmitter.

– Hobbyists will love the numerous customization options for the HPI Savage. You can add Big Bore Savage shocks that fits well to the chassis, or bulletproof diff gears for better acceleration resulting to pulse pounding stunts.

– Even the standard parts of the HPI Savage are enough to satisfy hobbyists who want a good looking remote control truck. The tires of the Savage are big and eye catching. The hex hub can be easily changed too if you want to customize the look of the truck.


– There are some online reviews that suggest the HPI Savage XL is not the most durable of monster trucks. One particular part of the truck, the plastic end connecting to a ball joint at the rear is prone to damage after extended use of the Savage.

– Some users say a larger tank could have been made by HPI.

Our Verdict

The HPI Savage XL is a powerful monster truck that should unleash the kid in you. It is a huge truck with extra large tires and chassis. The latter is especially impressive because it is made of aircraft aluminum, thus lightweight but strong. It is also very easy to start running upon opening its package. Its top speed at around 40 miles per hour is not the best among remote control trucks but good enough given its humongous size.

The truck looks imposing and intimidating in any bashing arena and race track given its huge size. Plus there are customization options that will satisfy hobbyists.

The feedback we have received from this particular RCC has been extremely positive. We found it to be an incredible remote control truck to drive and we would have to say the only draw back could be the price. It’s certainly a premium model machine and one we would expect true hobbyists to embrace. An absolute joy to use and one of our favourites here at Remote Control Cars Guide.

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User Rating
User rating

+ High Stability.
+ High Torque.
+ Highly Customizable.
+ Strong Radio Signal.
+ Very Powerful.


- Quite Expensive.
- Fuel Tank Could Larger