Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme Review

Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme Remote Controlled Vehicle,

With the right kind of off road toy class RC vehicle, it is possible to get the best play time and action. A good example of such a model is the Maisto rock crawler extreme. This is a product manufactured by Maisto, a company known for its exceptional and high quality products. In order to maintain its quality standards, Maisto operates and manages all its factories.

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Not to be confused with the other Maisto Rock Crawler, the Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme is one of the latest products from Maisto. Other than its articulated suspensions for improved balance, it also consists of triple motors with low gearing for that rocky action. Other features present in this model include:

Features of the Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme

1. Triple channel transmitter.

– This feature allows for up to three people to play at the same time with different Maisto RC vehicles.

– With a group participation, the plat time becomes interactive and more entertaining.

2. Steering operation.

– It has full functional steering features which include forward/reverse as well as right/left.

– This makes the vehicle flexible in terms of movement and makes it much easier to maneuver through uneven ground.

– With this type of controls, users get to enjoy a 4-wheel drive experience.

3. Suspensions.

– It has well placed and fully functional suspensions.

– This helps to keep the truck in line and maintain proper balance regardless of the twists and turns.

4. Low gearing with triple motor.

– From the three, two of the motors are mainly used for driving with the remaining motor for steering.

– Highly suitable for scaling through obstacles while maintaining traction.

– The twin motors prevent the truck from readily getting stuck and in case that happens, it can easily come free without having to use your hands.

– Low gearing helps to ensure that the truck has enough torque to push past clods and dirt tall rocks.- The truck is consistent in its performance.

5. Tri-channel transmitter.

– Comes with tri-band built in controls and will enable you control and run up to three similar colored trucks without experiencing any radio interferences.

– It consists of up to three selectable and diverse radio frequencies through 27mHz frequencies.

6. Batteries.

– It requires the use of 6 AA batteries for optimum functioning of the truck and 1-9v batteries whose main function is controls.

– By using these batteries with their varying functions, the performance capability of this truck is quite high and which has also contributed to its long play hours.

7. Body.

– It is light in weight but extremely tough making it highly durable.

– Has a colorful vac-molded body which has largely contributed to its improved performance.

– Its steering capabilities are fully functional with the ability to steer reverse/forward as well as right/left.

– Has been fitted with tall tread patterned tires. The body is also small thereby creating space for the wheels whenever the suspensions flexes.

More Information on the Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme

With all the mentioned features, it is clear to see that this particular model is a suitable choice for off road enthusiasts. The latest Rock crawler extreme also comes with additional features for improved performance.

– It has a length of 13 inches, width of 8 with a height of 6 inches.

– The transmitter uses 3 AAA batteries which are not included in the package.

Most of the different RC class models available on the market may not necessarily satisfy all the varying and individual needs of clients. This is to be expected since like most other models, the Maisto RC extreme has its pros and cons. Seen below are some examples.

If you would like to compare this particular model with other RC Cars, check out our interactive chart at our homepage or here, for the full table


– Excellent off road performance as it can easily move past rough terrain.

– High powered radio range even when the truck is positioned some distance away.

– The car has the ability to drive straight with the trim positioned at the mid-section of the RC car.

– Has been fitted with independent suspensions giving it the ability to move through a variety of surfaces.


– Uses a tiny handle design steering wheel as opposed to the more convenient two stick control.

– The car runs on extremely slow speeds with the highest being between 3 to 4 mph. This can be quite frustrating.

Our View

For value for money, this particular RC model Crawler is second to none, and is incredibly affordable for even the most discerning buyer.

The customer feedback that we have received has also been very positive, and although it may lack some of the more sophisticated features that top end models enjoy, the Rock Crawler is the perfect remote control car for any new RC enthusiast.

If you have no prior experience with RC vehicles, we highly recommend you start with a model like the Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme before venturing off and trying the more sophisticated RC Cars on the market.

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User rating

+ Excellent off road performance.
+ Wide area radio range.
+ Great suspension.
+ Manoeuvres easily through various types of terrain.


- It runs at low speed even for Crawler standards.
- Maximum of 3 - 4 mph.
- Uses a small handle steering wheel.