Maisto Rock Crawler Review

Maisto R-C Rock Crawler Review

The Maistro rock crawler is a high quality product manufactured by Maisto. The good reputation of this company has come about as a result of making use of in-house expert engineers and designers.

It is sizable with a length of 12.5 inches. This has largely contributed to its even balance distribution making it a very easy Crawler to control.

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Features of the Maisto Rock Crawler

1. Articulated suspensions.

– It comes in quite handy and provides excellent off road performance.

– It helps in maximizing friction between the surface of the road and the tires.

– Helps to provide excellent steering stability with proper handling.

– These suspensions are available at the back and front sections of this model and provide an all rounded speed control.

– The soft springs combined with the triple link suspension help to keep the truck in line regardless of how rough the terrain is.

2. Low gearing and triple motors.

– Out of the three motors, two are mainly used for driving while the third one is mainly used for steering.

– Suitable for driving on rough terrains.

– The twin motors help to enhance a user’s experience by creating a 4-wheel drive experience.

3. Triple channel transmitter.

– Makes it possible for up to three people to play with their radio controlled vehicles at the same time without any of them experiencing any radio interferences.

– It consists of three varying selectable radio frequencies via a frequency of 27mHz.

4. Batteries.

– Makes use of 2AAA on the controller and 6AA batteries on the vehicles.

– This has largely contributed to its high performance levels and hours of play.

5. Body.

– Features a strong vac-formed exterior and light in weight.

– Hobby-grade RC model which comes fully assembled and ready to run.

– This model requires minimal assembly and in some cases none at all.

– It features tread patterned tires which are tall hence offering swift movement and easy navigation.

From the features presented, it is clear to see that the Maisto rock crawler is a suitable choice for anyone looking for that exhilarating off road experience. The value of this model has also been increased due to a number of additional features included in the latest models.

What Else Is Included?

– Unlike the previous models that came as a kit and required for a user to assemble the parts before making use of the RC model, The Maisto rock crawler comes ready to run.

– Has multiple channels making it possible for up to 3 individuals to play simultaneously.

With the increasing number of RC toy class models being introduced into the market, quality has become an integral part of the production process. The same applies to the Maisto RC crawler brand.


– It comes fully articulated with a triple link suspension for proper lining.

– This truck has shocks fitted with fully functional coil overs which come in quite handy especially when the toy truck is moving through rough terrain.

– For a toy truck powered by 6 AA batteries, it is quite sturdy and powerful.

– It comes in 3 different colors thereby providing various choice options for customers.

– Features in-built triple band control making it possible to run more than one crawler simultaneously.

– Very well priced for its exceptional performance and quality.

– Excellent climbing ability.

However, even with its improved features which have contributed to its Pros, like most other products it also has its shortcomings.


– The controller is a pistol grip design which is not a favorite amongst a good number of off road fanatics.

– Does not include rechargeable batteries.

Our View – Should You Buy It?

The Maisto R/C Rock Crawler has a raft of features, and its performance capability is very good. With its articulated suspensions, low gearing and a triple channel suspension just to mention a few of its features, off road fanatics will get some great action with this RC Crawler class model.

Considering the attractive price, you really get your money’s worth with the Maisto Rock Crawler, despite the fact that rechargeable batteries are not included in the box set. The performance attained with such a machine definitely makes up for it.

Customer feedback for this model has also been extremely positive, and it has rightfully become one of the most popular models on the market. Certainly worth considering for a Christmas present or for any young R/C enthusiast.

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User rating

+ Has in-built triple band control making it possible to run more than one crawler simultaneously.
+ Has excellent climbing ability.
+ Triple link suspension.
+ Very well priced.


- Rechargeable batteries are not included.
- Uses a pistol grip which is not favored by many.