Traxxas Jato 3.3 Review


Traxxas Jato 3.3 2WD 2.4GHz

The Jato 3.3 is a lot of things, but foremost it is built for speed, capable of reaching 65 mph and equipped with the TRX 3.3 racing engine. Its manufacturer, Traxxas, has produced a beautiful and highly detailed truck, but more than that the Jato can reach 60 mph in 4.2 seconds flat, which is something that other RC trucks will be hard pressed to match. Second gear wheelies and a fully integrated wheelie bar are included, and it is also equipped with an advanced Ready to Race Radio System.

The Jato runs fine on its own, but you can also equip it with the Traxxas TQi radio system with Docking Base so you can use an iPhone or iPod to control the machine. When combined with the Traxxas Link app you get full control over the RC while using a graphical user interface. The truck is also packed with features so you can control everything from the temperature, RPM, speed, battery and more.

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Features of the Traxxas Jato 3.3

• The Jato uses Revo engineering, and the TRX 3.3 Racing Engine is fully optimized as is the sophisticated metric hex hardware as well as the other components. All the major parts have been adjusted so you can use the RC out of the box fully optimized for durability, speed and performance. The tune pipe extracts optimum horsepower off the engine, and the 2-speed transmission is coupled with the Torque-Control slipper clutch.

• The RC also has specially designed semi-metallic brake discs, zero bump steer suspension geometry and Revo-spec GTR shocks. The RC runs fine out of the box, but there are several driving control and tuning options. The engine also provides you with the Traxxas EZ-Start so starting up is quick and easy. Furthermore, the system comes with diagnostics built-in, making it easy to track the starting functions and glow plug.

• The Traxxas Link provides you with a convenient way to access and learn the controls on the Jato 3.3. With the Link you have control over the Traxxas TQi radio system, allowing you to manage everything from the throttle trim, braking strength, steering percentage, throttle and steering sensitivity. All of these controls and functions can be adjusted by dragging the sliders on the screen. You can also attain the same results by turning on the transmitter multifunction knob.

• The RC has sensors built in that gathers telemetry data and stores them in real time as you’re driving. As you drive the RC, the Link app or radio system will provide feedback about the temperature, RPM, battery voltage and speed. The Link application also detects any Link sensors so they are automatically configured and set up. Furthermore, the dashboard may be customized with digital or dial readouts, and you can display up to 9 gauges at the same time.

• This RC truck comes with powerful 2-speed power that is similar to what you’d see in off-road cars. Moreover, the suspension is very versatile and capable of handling rough terrain like a real monster truck can. Because of the way the RC has been built, it can handle rocks, joints, and jumps with no problems at all. The Anaconda 2.8″ treads also go a long way towards giving the RC tight and streetwise reflexes that other RCs cannot match.

Specs of the Jato 3.3

•Top Speed: 65+ mph
•Fuel Tank Capacity: 75cc
•Brake Type: Disc with Steel Pads, semi-metallic
•Engine: fuel powered TRX 3.3 Racing Engine with EZ-Start
•Telemetry: equipped with engine temperature, battery voltage, RPM, speed
•Radio System: TQi 2.4GHz (two channels)
•Chassis: 6061-T6 aluminum, 3mm plate
•Drive System: 2WD shaft driven
•Differential Type: sealed bevel gear, hardened steel
Transmission: auto two-speed
•Front Shock Length: GTR Aluminum, 3.43″ (87mm)
•Front Wheels 2.8″ All-Star™ Mirror-Chrome
•Rear Wheels 2.8″ All-Star™ Mirror-Chrome
•Tire Diameter: 4.13″ (105mm)
•Wheel Diameter: 2.85″ (72.4mm)
•Wheelbase: 11.22″ Long (285mm)
•Height (overall): 5.70″ (145mm)
•Weight (no fuel): 83.03oz (5.19lb)
•Rear Track: 13.00″ (330mm)
•Front Track: 12.87″ (327mm)
•Length: 16.53″ (420mm)


Comparison with Other RC Models

The specs and feature set listed above shows why the Jato is superior to many other RC Cars. But apart from those already mentioned, you can configure log maximums and set threshold warnings as well as averages, maximums and minimums. Its recording view is better compared to other RCs because you can document just about everything. There’s even an Instant Replay that’s capable of capturing all the twists and turns.

The other thing that separates this RC from the rest is the ease with which you can save and share profiles. With this feature you can easily change profiles and fine tune the Drive Effects to suit the prevailing condition. The Ready to Race Radio System also works very well with the Traxxas Link, making it very convenient to use, and intuitive too.

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•All changes happen on the fly with instant feedback


•Customizable controls

•Extremely fast


•Requires some expertise to use

•Doesn’t have reverse transmission

Our Verdict

The Jato 3.3 is a solid, well-rounded RC truck that combines power with precision. This monster truck is a skill level 5, so some expertise is required if you want to get the most out of it. That being said, it’s definitely worth the purchase. If you’re into RC you’d be hard pressed to find something as powerful as this. The TRX 3.3 engine delivers as promised, and the TQi provides all the control you could want.

The controls, whether from the Link app or the radio system, provide all the details necessary to get the most out of the truck. Even so, there’s no sense of information overload and everything is laid out clearly. Traxxas is known for durable RCs, and the Jato does not disappoint in this regard as it is clearly built for driving under diverse and even rough conditions.

The customer feedback has also been extremely positive with many users  awarding it high marks. We loved it, and we’re sure you will too.

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User Rating
User rating

+ Extremely Fast.
+ Very Durable.
+ Customizable Controls.
+ Strong Radio Signal.


- No Reverse Transmission.
- Not For Beginners