Traxxas RTR 1/10 Bandit Extreme Sports Review

Traxxas RTR 1-10 Bandit Extreme Sports The Traxxas RTR 1/10 Bandit brings a new touch and class in the extreme sports field. It combines qualities such as speed and performance at their best to give you the ultimate experience. This product is designed and made by the Traxxas Company based in Texas, U.S.

The model is engineered using state of the art technology that is designed to give Traxxas RTR Bandit Extreme Sports high speed of up-to 35mph. It is fitted with high performance racing tires that gives it ultimate traction and facilitates the cheetah-like acceleration. The tires and the design increase the stability of the Bandit and help you negotiate the bends with ultimate expertise and roar to the air in bumps.

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Features of Traxxas 1/10 Bandit Extreme Sports

1 – The extreme sports Bandit has Titan 12T 550 which is very powerful and has an internal cooling fan.

2 – The controller requires Power Cell Batteries AA size to operate; the number of batteries required is 8 in number. While new, the batteries might not last very long, but after being cycled for a number of times, the batteries will start to last longer.

3 – The Bandit uses a remote control system which is very easy to work on. The remote control can be switched into one of the two available modes; the training mode and the sport mode. The training mode is used by the beginners. It only allows 50% power from the motor to be exploited. On the other hand, the sport mode allows 100% power from the motor to be used; this mode is normally used by people with reasonable experience.

4 – The controller receiver box is waterproof and receives signals from the controller even after becoming wet.

5 – The Bandit also features a high performance 12-Turn motor and XL-5 electronic speed control. These features ensure maximum power transmission to the motor. It also uses a 2056 high torque servo that ensures powerful steering and a high degree of responsiveness. The servo uses O-ring seals that lock wetness outside.

6 – Once assembled, the Bandit weighs 3 lbs. and measures about one foot long. It has a superb design that makes it look rather attractive (subjective we know) just like its performance.

What’s Included in The Current Traxxas RTR Model?

The Bandit style has been around since early as 1995; however the new type has got additional features which improve its performance. Some of the new features include;

· Waterproof -The new version is waterproof and can be used in dry or wet conditions, this is made possible by the use of O-ring seals.

· Titan 12 Turn motor – it produces enough power that enables the Bandit to travel at an overwhelming 35mph and accelerate very fast.

· 2.2’’ racing tires -the earlier versions used the normal tires, the new version uses racing tires that increase traction and facilitates high speed.

If you would like to compare the features of this model you can check out the comparison table on the Remote Control Cars Guide homepage, or view the full table here.


– The Traxxas RTR 1/10 Bandit Extreme Sports is an all-weather machine. It can be operated during dry times and wet times since it is waterproof. It is ideally sealed using O-ring seals that ensure no drop of water get to the electronic parts.

– It is tough and can be used on several terrains. The amount of power dispatched can see it through light mud, asphalt, packed snow and grass, among several others that the previous versions could not handle.

– It is very fast and can reach up-to 35 mph, this is made possible by the huge amount of energy produced by the motor. It also accelerates very fast; it takes very little time to reach its top speed.

– It can be used by both beginners and experienced people. The remote controller of this Bandit has got two game modes; the training mode and the sport mode. Therefore if you are an amateur, there is no need to worry as you will learn smoothly.

– The Bandit uses very simple controls that one can familiarize with very quickly. The driving is easy since the Bandit is stable due to the traction of the racing tires. Additionally, it is durable and lasts longer.

– Everything you need of this Bandit comes in one package; once you purchase the Bandit, everything you need to get started comes with it (except 8 AA batteries for the transmitter) saving you a lot of time and trouble of finding some items.


– The speed advantage comes with a disadvantage; you have to be very careful when travelling at top speed to avoid crashing into obstacles. Continuous crashing can cause damage and reduces its lifespan.

– When new, the batteries might not last long, however, this goes away after some time since the batteries get charged up.

Our View

Overall this is a very solid RC Buggy and one we would recommend quite highly. The central reason behind this comes down to usability. It is perfectly suited for all racing enthusiasts. It is also very weather resistant, making it less vulnerable to damage in wet conditions.

The price of this particular model is probably it’s only draw back, and even then, considering the features and functionality and performance it’s still considered to be rather good value, especially when compared to the serious top end of market models.

In case you are still on the fence with this one, we surveyed a bunch of previous owners of the model, and the overwhelming majority of owners of the Traxxas RTR 1/10 Bandit Extreme Sports gave it glaring positive reviews.

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User rating

+ Water-proof.
+ All weather RC machine.
+ Can be used on many different terrains.
+ It's relatively fast, reaching speeds of 35 mph.
+ Perfectly suited for beginners & expert drivers.


- Care taken at top speed to prevent crashing.
- Repetitive hard hits can cause damage.
- When new, the batteries may not last long.