Traxxas Stampede 4×4 Review

Traxxas RTR Stampede 4X4 VXL 2.4GHz

The Traxxas Stampede 4×4 is one of the newer RCs from Traxxas, and like many of the company’s RC monster trucks, is engineered to precision so it’s powerful and fun. It’s got a lot of new features, and one that’s particularly interesting is the drivetrain as it is more efficient and low-mass, perfect for the Velineon torque. And while it’s not perfect, the Stampede certainly lives up to its name in terms of power.

Special attention has been paid to the engineering as well, producing speed and run time with accurate throttle control. The brushless performance is designed to make the Stampede easy to use and unlike other RC monster trucks, this is basically plug and play; just plug in the controls and the Stampede is ready to roll.

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Features of the Traxxas Stampede 4×4

A quick rundown of the Stampede’s major features:

•The chassis system has been overhauled for the Stampede and it’s now based on the Slash 4×4’s unique modular design and shaft-driven 4WD system. The chassis also has full integration with the battery and electronics compartment so the layout is more compact. There’s also a high ground clearance, giving the Stampede a cool, high ride appearance, and it also provides extra off-road versatility. If you’re going to take the Stampede on rough terrain, this feature will really come in handy.

•The Velineon Brushless Power system provides this RC with a lot of electric power. Once the Stampede is powered up you’ll be able to take it to 60 mph without losing control. There’s power here all right, but the Stampede’s 4-corner grip provides speed, acceleration and control. The Velineon Power System also has several parts that provide optimum power, most notably the Traxxas High-Current connector that’s hooked up to the wound motor.

•As stated earlier, the Stampede is a shaft driven 4WD, and it relies on three gear meshes to power all the wheels. Under this arrangement there’s no longer any need for a separate transmission, making it very efficient. The drivetrain does its job as well, spinning on the ball bearings smoothly and fully integrated in the chassis for simple maintenance and maximum performance. The driveshaft is integrated off the extruded aluminum, and there aren’t any wobbling drive cups here. Because of the extrusion design, the shaft is hollow, light and has internal splines that securely fit the input shafts of the rear and front drive.

•The Stampede uses the Traxxas Ready-To-Race radio system, and it also has the Traxxas TQi which provides you with a full set of tuners, features and 2.4Ghz technology. The system also enables the system to remember settings you set for up to thirty Traxxas models. All you need to do is turn it on and that’s it, no need to adjust any memory settings. The TQi is adjustable and you can configure the throttle end points and steering the way you want.

•The TQi may be partnered with a docking base (optional) which allows you to use an iPhone as a tuning tool. There’s also a free Traxxas app that gives you a full color UI so you can better use the radio system. If you add the optional sensors to the Traxxas Stampede 4×4 you’ll have telemetry capability for the model.


•Length: 19.69 inches (500mm) / 15.63 inches (397mm)
•Rear Track: 13.39 inches (340mm)
•Front Track: 13.39 inches (340mm)
•Wheelbase: 10.83 inches (275mm)
•Height (overall): 9.21 inches (234mm)
•Batteries: 4 “AA” for the transmitter
•Top Speed: 35+mph
•Radio System: TQi 2.4GHz (2-channel)
•Steering: Dual-Bellcrank with Integrated Servo Saver
•Drive System: Direct Drive 4WD shaft driven
•Chassis Material / Structure: Nylon Composite / Molded Tub
•Differential Type: Limited Slip, Hardened Steel Bevel, Sealed
•Drive Ratio: 13.97
•Motor: electric Velineon 3500 Brushless
•Speed Control Type: VXL-3s, electric speed control
•Wheel Diameter: 2.8 inches (72mm) Inner, 2.8 inches (72mm) Outer
•Wheels (front/rear): 2.8″ Black-Chrome
•Tire Diameter: 4.80 inches (122mm) rear and front

Comparison with Other RC Models

The Stampede has many features that other RC monster trucks simply don’t have. For one thing, the sealed electronics design allows you to use the Stampede whether it’s snowing, muddy or wet. Unlike other RC equipment, the Stampede’s digital steering, receiver box and speed control are all waterproof. Whereas other RCs can only be raced during ideal weather and on flat surfaces, the Stampede is an all-terrain RC.

Furthermore, the Stampede comes 100% assembled and ready to go. The problem with other RCs is you’re required to do a lot of assembly, which takes out a lot of the fun. The TQi 2.4GHz radio system is already installed and set up so no tweaking is necessary. The Velineon brushless power system is already in place with pre-glued tires and painted body.

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•The Stampede is very durable

•Very fast

•Easy to control and powerful

•Batteries last longer than other RCs

•Very detailed


•The instructions could have been a clearer

•The controls take a while to get used to

Our Verdict

The Traxxas Stampede 4×4 is an outstanding RC monster truck. It is very detailed, and Traxxas did an amazing job with the engineering. In terms of appearance, the Stampede is very realistic, from the paint job down to the wheels. There’s an incredible amount of detail here, and the electrical components such as the drivetrain and TQi 2.4GHz radio system give you total control.

If you’re new to Traxxas RCs, it might a take a few minutes to get the hang of it, but once you do you’ll appreciate its power and versatility. When you learn how it works, controlling is easy and it’s low maintenance too. The handling is very smooth, the battery lasts a long time and it’s fast too. Taking everything into consideration, the Traxxas Stampede 4×4 is a solid RC and well worth the price.

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User Rating
User rating

+ Very Durable.
+ Very Fast.
+ Easy to Control at High Speeds.
+ Long Lasting Batteries.
+ Very Powerful.


- Manual Instructions Lack Detail.
- A Slight to Medium Learning Curve