Traxxas T Maxx 3.3 Review


Off road action by use of remote controlled monster trucks is becoming popular and entertaining past time for a good number of people. This has led to the introduction of different high quality models into the market such as the Traxxas T Maxx 3.3.

The company behind the production of the T Maxx 3.3 is Traxxas. It has managed to come up with good quality and high performance products due to the use of advanced technology. Being classified as a ready to run model, it is highly user friendly and therefore suitable for different age groups.

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Features of Traxxas T Maxx 3.3 Monster Truck

1. 3.3 engine.

– Consists of a much bigger sleeve and piston which enables it deliver extreme power.

-The ball bearings used are high performance.This makes it quite handy as it works by reducing rotational friction while supporting the axial and radial loads.

– The rod and piston used in the engine are also quite light in weight.

2. Radio System.

– It is a high output system consisting of a Traxxas link.

– It also features a 30 model memory, fail safe and telemetry ports with up to 5 channel receivers. This helps to give users varying options.

-Has also been fitted with a docking base which makes it possible for a user to make use of an iPod or iPhone touch for purposes of creating a HD graphical interface that features customizable dashboards, telemetry and real-time to mention just but a few.

– The radio is a 2.4GHz TQi system.

3. Oil Shocks.

– Consists of up to 8 different ultra shocks which enable a user mount in ten different positions.

– These have been fitted with pressure rubbers made out of rubber and double sealed O-rings.

– The double sealed O-rings present within the shock body, help prevent leaking.

– The pressure bladders made out of rubber prevent the formation of air pockets as well as foaming.

4. Starter.

– Fitted with an EZ electric start system which features an exclusive Traxxas smart technology and which works by monitoring key starting functions.

– It also helps to sense and diagnose potential problems for an easy start in every occasion.

– The E-Z start also provides a one-handed process.


SPECS of the Traxxas T Maxx 3.3

Other than being aware of the features included in this model, it is also important to know about its specs. This will help you gauge its expectations when it comes to performance capability as well as its suitability to your needs. Seen below are some of the specs of the Traxxas T Maxx 3.3.

– It has a length of 21 inches(533 mm).

– It is 11 inches in height (279 mm).

– The wheelbase measures 13.2inches (335 mm).

– Require 8AA batteries. 4 to be used on the battery box and the rest for the transmitter.

– Requires anywhere between 10 to 20 percent of glow fuel or 33 percent to Traxxas fuel.

Comparison with other RC Models

As you look through and compare different RC toy models, you will realize that they differ in one way or the other. These differences will help you measure their suitability and level of performance depending on what you are looking for. This information will help you purchase the most suitable model.

A good example would be comparing the Traxxas T Maxx 3.3 with the Maistro rock crawler extreme. The latter has a triple channel transmitter which allows for up to 3 users playing simultaneously. The Traxxas T Maxx on the otherhand has a 5 channel transmitter which allows up to 5 users to play at the same time. When it comes to speed, the Traxxas T Maxx is capable of reaching speeds of up to 45 mph while the Maistro rock crawler extreme is much lower with a maximum speed capacity of between 3-4 mph.

The comparison between these two RC vehicles may not be entirely fair though, as the T Maxx 3.3 is aimed at a much more experienced fan base of remote control car users, and the price differential clearly confirms this too, as they are very widely apart.

You can also find other comparisons by viewing our comparison table at this page, or on the Remote Control Cars Guide homepage.


– It is quite easy to run, tune and start.

– It has numerous features with good performance capabilities.

– Has pre-glued tires and therefore does not require any work on them prior to your first run.


– It is more suited for individuals whose skills are highly rated thereby making it difficult for beginners to gain adequate control.

– Requires some hopups before you can enjoy some serious jumps.

Our Verdict

From the features presented about the Traxxas T Maxx 3.3 which include; a 3.3 engine, 5 channel transmitter and a high output radio system to mention just but a few, it is clear to see why a good number of off road enthusiasts find it a great RC Car .

The feedback that we have received for this particular model has been very positive with most owners of the T Maxx 3.3 giving it glaring reviews too. The price is obviously an obstacle for some, but for anyone that is a real remote control car enthusiast should certainly consider buying the Traxxas T Maxx 3.3.

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User rating

+ Easy to Run and Start.
+ Large number of features.
+ Easy to tune.


- Better suited for experienced RC users.
- Relatively Expensive.